Welcome to Hot Off the Grillo!

Where hot juicy opinions are served fresh, almost every day.  You’ll love my meat, I guarantee it!  I grill governmental policy, relish international relations, and post onion-ey news stories that are just too goofy too believe.  And served with my own short and long stories about this, that and the other thing. I am a writer, after all.

It’s also my personal resume website and portfolio for my media work and some computer science projects.  Yes, that includes web design and development.  Although my real talents are writing, research and organization with knowledge of the pacific rim and US policy.

And yes, I’m for hire!  I want a stable, full time job but I’ll happily take freelance until then.

Like many in Gen Y, I have many goals, dreams and talents.  And I intend to earn every one of them with blood, sweat and tears.

So have a look around at my photos, enjoy my videos and browse my LinkedIn.  And if you like what you see, tell your friends or drop me a line!