ghost buster john

John Grillo is a Ghost Buster with a Portal Gun.


About John Grillo

John Grillo is a young web design and development professional from Portland, Oregon and Hillsboro, Oregon.  He has college degrees in International Studies/Media Arts and dual minors in Business Administration and Japanese, a language in which he is fluent.

  “I focused on getting skills in college, not a job. Because a job could disappear and then where would you be? My motto has always been “Improvise, adapt and overcome.””

Grillo’s dream career(s) were to go to college and take the FSOT test so he could became an employee of our federal government and work for either the CIA or the State Dept. as an Ambassador, or even work in children’s television as a director or voice actor. Those changed when the economy collapsed.  So like millions of Americans, he was forced to rethink and retrain for a new career, so he took up an old love: Web Design and Information Technolgy.  John Grillo is also working on a degree in Computer Science and an Associates Degree in Web Design.



“My greatest character traits are Creativity, Intelligence and Perseverance.


Grillo’s hobbies are reading, cooking, photography and writing. John Grillo has been entering and winning contests since he was six years old and is currently 115 pages in his first novel.

“It’s a ghost story for ghosts.  It’s about artists who create art after they’ve died. It is Phantasmagoria: The Dream Pageant

Among other jobs John has held, he’s been an intern for SOLV and The Hillsboro Library Foundation. He’s spear-headed initiatives since an early age–he almost got a wave pool built in Hillsboro as a child. Grillo invented the Social Media Manager at SOLV back in 2007 “When Myspace was a thing and Facebook still required a .edu e-mail address to log into. You know you’re truly successful as a consultant when you made the organization by the time you left and someone could jump into your shoes without missing a beat.”  John Grillo currently works freelance, consults small businesses and Portland State University’s Computer Action Team, fixing computers and learning IT stuff.


He is an Eagle Scout.

This website is his portfolio.

He is a Grillo for hire.

His LinkedIn can be found here.