john grillo's lightsaber
John Grillo Presents: My mother-effing lightsaber. It’s purple. And I bought it from the #Oregon’s very own Saborforge! They’re all the way out in Oregon City, but I like the idea that I can just drive over and ask for it to be fixed if I want to. Can’t wait […]

A handful of pictures

ETHICAL CONCERNS WITH DATA Wow. I got a lot of responses for the database and ethics questions and discussion posts. A lot of people asked me to expound more on those questions and what they meant. More importantly, what were the answers? Does having information inherently justify it’s use?  Who […]


CIS-244 Discussion Post 6 Discussion Post 7 was mostly tongue-in-cheek, but I think this one is more business and straightforward. Hey, I was celebrating my birthday at the beach! I was stoked to discover that Pelican Brewing is making a new brewpub there in Cannon Beach and that there is […]

CIS-244 Discussion Post 6: Data Ethics