red bull in a parcel
Red Bull Settlement   I was part of the class action with red bull a while back and they mailed me a 4 pack of Red Bull instead. Why not just money, or even a coupon or something? Seems like a waste.  Here is a cheap gif I made.  

Red Bull Settlement

CIS-244 Discussion Post 7 I know it’s been a while since my last update, so I’m using a discussion post that I thought I had automated and turns out did not. I went to Wizard World comic-con, where I joined a panel that had an MST3K-style movie riff for a […]

CIS-244 Discussion Post 7

…To the surprise of no one. I know it’s an easy pot-shot since it is Chicago, but I want the average person to realize that: Destruction of Evidence and Obstruction of Justice are serious crimes. If the mics and cameras don’t work, all charges should be automatically dropped. The defendants […]

Cops act Like Criminals

Good News Jar 3 And now for more things from the Grillo good news jar!  The good news continue until morale improves! Friends and I go to Rose City Comic Con This one is great. It isn’t about that we went, but that we were all planning to go to […]

Grillo Good News Jar 3