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Code Oregon


Or, Adventures in Coding.


Hello there, fellow Oregonians!  No doubt many of you have heard of the Kahn Academy, or the codeacademy as a website where one can go to learn how to program, because there is no way we don’t already have twice as many people for STEM jobs as we need and the production of more would just drive down wages.

Now there is a new one: Code Oregon.

code oregon logo

The Code Oregon Logo. Not my I.P. and no trademark infringement or copyright intended.  is owned and done by,  a learning company web site.  And it’s currently partnered with Worksource Oregon, which is pretty much the state Unemployment Dept.  At first, I couldn’t help but groan.  “We already have Code Academy,, Or Rails for Zombies.   One hears about people who ‘got a job’ after the training, but I’ve never met anyone that actually has a job.  But code Oregon is different.  It’s in combination with local firm treehouse.  The difference though is that your progress is tracked and will, or rather should, help you get a local job within the area.  At least according to Worksource Oregon and workforce investment board Worksystems.  They will only offer the free service to 10,000 residents of Multnomah and Washington counties, all in an effort to better equip them with an in-demand skill set.

The only sad part is that the article from KOIN News mentions only 700 jobs in the area ranging from $45k-$75k.   So what happens if everyone does it and is successful, or heck, if even 20% of people are successful? That’s still way more people than jobs. One shudders to think of what will happen when one of the last bastions of middle class life and upward mobility were ground into the dirt by the 1%.  I have always maintained, however, that just because anyone can learn code and to code doesn’t mean everyone can do it. I’ve been taught rudimentary carpentry and plumbing but I do not desire to become a plumper.


But back to the deal; the ‘free’ factor is of limited duration and I decided to go ahead and go for it.  I’m taking the code challenge!  And When I say challenge, I really mean challenge. Sure, I could take the HTML5 and CSS3 [web design] badge track and take the easy way out as one only has to do 2 badges to take advantage of the benefits, but no, I plan on taking the Ruby on Rails framework and do some real programming.  Something outside of my wheelhouse. Something that will put some hair on my chest. And all while taking care of C++ coursework assignments for college to boot.  Ruby is allegedly very easy to learn and C++ is extraordinarily difficult.  Since I’ve been learning C++ and the very concepts of programming already, picking this up should be a cinch. Well, I promise you, dear readers, that I’ll keep the blog updated with my accounts every step of the way.


And we’ll see just how effective Code Oregon really is. Iff I can learn to code through it’s methods and web pages AND get a job, then Code Oregon will truly be a success.  And that extra ‘f’ in ‘if’ actually means “if and only if,” because that’s the purpose of the program.


Or, as I’d write in C++:

if(learnToCode == true && getGoodJob == true)


cout << “AMERICA, F**** YEAH!  IT REALLY WORKS!” << endl;

return true;




cout << “Buyao!  This is a bigger lie than that cake was!  And they committed the crime of wasting my time!” << endl;

return false;



Why this makes me the ideal candidate:

I’m willing to do whatever it takes to be successful.




Koin News Article on Code Oregon