Final Good News Jar 2015

Final Good News Jar 2015


I realized I hadn’t finished the jar by the time my birthday rolled around. Which is good, since most of those things were of a…personal nature. So I’ll share the last of the safe for work ones and would encourage others to do the same. keep your own jar and read it the first few days after new years.  Hopefully my last bits of stray good news will lift up your day.

  • Boss bought me lunch at Chipotle [April]
  • Was asked to stud for speed dating in Feb.
  • Earned my new AAS in Computer Information Systems
  • Met 3 little girls [16 y/o, ea] at Wizard World con who were dressed as the crew the Star Trek, TNG.  They were Troi, Dr. Crusher and Guinan. I was Riker. We entered the group contest…and lost. Dang. Still, very nice people and their parents thought that teaming up was a good idea as well.
  • March: Hawaiian vacation plane trip got in an hour early.
  • Dec 31st: Friend got me into a new years party at the last minute.
  • November:  Patrick, a former Sun Microsystems manager and Computer Action Team member, has been helping me to tweak my resume
  • last year’s birthday: the girlfriend spoiled me rotten. Took me out to dinner, bought me cards against humanity, raspberry pi computer and we all went to do some karaoke
  • March: spent the day in A-bay in Hawaii. the big island
  • procured liberated gourmet sandwiches from the CS college to my parents after they started working on their kitchen renovation.
  • Saw Wil Wheaton speak at Rose City Comic Con.
    • Said that if there was ever a TNG reboot, he wanted to be Riker, or just a beard-life-support system. That’s my job!
  • For Sister City of Hillsboro, I got to see my visiting brother, Ken, from many years ago.
  • August: My friends and I went on a white water rafting trip. In march of 2016, they still talk about it. We are going again in May.
    • Funny story: The last class V rapid they had at the end got everyone but myself and the guide submerged. Also, during one of the calmest parts of the river, something, somehow, rocked the raft and everyone fell out. Keith got trapped under the raft briefly but he’s ok. I’m a trained lifeguard and he is a professional firefighter. Guess you had to be there to appreciate both of them.
  • On way back from our white water rafting trip, at the hood river ale house, I got a couple of beer roadies for my buds and I. Don’t worry, they stayed in the trunk.
  • After Hawaiian vacation, my wallet showed back up again. Had $400 and my other cards in it. Especially my eagle and library cards.
  • Boss took us out to see age of Ultron on company time and dime.
    • And afterwards we got Mexican food.
  • By November, I had accurately projected my grant/college expenses such that I had .064 cents remaining on my account.  This one I am very proud of.
  • Went to the Seattle Mariners vs. Toronto Blue Jays games last year.
    • Took the train back. Got in 45 minutes early.  Fastest i’ve ever made the trip from Seattle and I’ve flown and driven. Maybe I should take a boat next time…
  • Won Geeky trivia show. Took forever to get my money, but everyone kept complimenting me on how I figuratively carried that team to victory.
    • I used the money to buy a new rasberry pi 2 developer’s kit. I’m 3d printing a nintendo case so I can build a cool retro pi arcade. Yes, I am building a nintendo with my off hours. I am a nerd. And proud.
  • Entered Super Smash bros. Tourny and won 2nd place.
  • Helped Rex at the CAT team write his first print script and runway process check script in January of last year.
  • Special Shout out: Valerie Bushman of the TTB federal agency was very helpful for the Crystal Report I was doing at Tiger Sheep last year. Thank you for being so helpful and patient.
  • Dropped 10 percentage points of bodyfat in the past year. Feels good, man.
  • Converted two friends into Linux users [specifically UBUNTU]. Kyle was afraid that for his ultrabook, ubuntu would not support the touchscreen but it did. Perfectly.  He wanted to play an old Star Wars game on it.


Now go fill your own jar. i already had a bomb birthday at Cannon Beach and a pair of brewpubs [one of which is Pelican brewpub] are opening there that are easily within walking distance of my beach house….and the local distillery is moving closer as well.


Why this makes John Grillo the perfect employee:

I’m able to keep track of my own accomplishments, I clearly have a good attitude and most of all, I’m able to make a budget and stay on target since I earned a brand new degree with literally $0.64 remaining. Who doesn’t want someone with that much control or planning ability for their business?