Ghostbusters Trailer Opinion

Ghostbusters Trailer Opinion

I finally saw the new Ghostbusters film trailer and I have to say that this film promises to be truly unique. Truly unique in its position to disappoint everyone.



  • Fans of the Ghostbusters franchise will be disappointed because they wanted a sequel that would have had the original cast while it was possible.
  • Those who wanted an all-lady ensemble will be disappointed   because they will want something that stands on it’s own merits and not copy something else.
  • People who just wanted Friday-entertainment will be surprised by how not funny or interesting the film is. Let’s be honest, films that are in development hell for this long rarely turn out well. if anyone sees this movie, it will be quickly be forgotten or leave a bad taste in their mouths and eyes.
  • Studio execs will be disappointed because the film will inevitably not do as well as projected and inevitably blame the all-women cast for poor decisions on the story, the fact that the ad campaign was nothing but pandering since the beginning [notice that “Great Cinema”, “Successor to the original” and “Entertaining” never appeared in any of their press or reviews so far]

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