Good News Jar Part 2

Good News Jar Part 2

Now comes round two of the good things jar. As always, they are drawn at random and read from top to bottom, left to right.  Reading these things in my Hillsboro home is a good way to while away an evening.  In case you still don;t know, every time something good happens to you in your year, you put it on a piece of paper and put it in a jar. I pull out five things from the Grillo Good News jar and read them to you, my dear readers. I’m keeping the truly salacious bits private. Buy me a beer sometime if you want to hear them.

grillo good news jar 2

Five things I just pulled randomly from my good things jar of 2015

Movie on New Years 2015

My parents took me to see the movie The Big Short. I loved the film; it fully explained what was going on in the financial sector in simple terms that the layman should be able to understand. A god damn shame it took this long to make it and that even still, no bankers have gone to prison for their unforgivable crimes. This isn’t like killing someone in self-defense or smoking some mary-jane, to do what the big bankers did required them to actively know what they were doing at the highest levels as well as supreme negligence. Criminally Negligent, I should say. This is the must-see movie of the year.


Good things times 3

Contrast the above to the beginning of the year. I was volunteering with Kumoricon’s outreach section and got to go to Newcon for all three days for free. It was held at the Portland DoubleTree (Portland, not Hillsboro) and I had a great time. I got to go with my best friend, Scott.


Work story [Time unknown]

A client thanked me profusely for solving a problem they were having with their system. It involved an intricacy of the SAP BusinessOne system and their unique set up, which I can’t really get into. In any case, it feels good, man. Always say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. They could make someone’s day.


Only lost ½ my photos this year when I bought the Galaxy S5.

Ugh, this is embarrassing as a sysadmin and a network admin, but here’s the story. I got a delayed birthday gift from my folks to go to Hawaii with them for a week. I had to get my final exams done early, but I did and loved the Big Island. Anyway, I took many lovely pictures and chatted with my then girlfriend for many hours at night, soothed by the waves.

Fast forward a month or so. The new Galaxy phone drops. Naturaly, I pick up the the S5 for rock-bottom prices. Unfortunately, it turns out that my photos did not save to my SD card by default, so I lost half of them.  I had no back-ups. Even Verizon’s cloud failed me…not that it was any good before. Late adoption for the win!


Delayed birthday gift: Trip to Hawaii [March]

See above. I loved exploring all the ecosystems that the big island had to offer and would go again. The CECS observatory at Maunakea is the best. As is seeing the landscape leading up to it…I can see now why NASA trained astronauts there. It does look like the moon. BEWARE OF INVISIBLE COWS!