Good News Jar

Good Things Jar: Part One

Happy New Year, my faithful readers!

Most people stop saying ‘Happy New Year,’ even in Hillsboro and Eugene, after the first few days of the month. What I can’t understand is why. Seriously, it’s not even a month old yet and these people are already bored with it?


It’s no secret to my friends that I enjoy a website called Reddit. I got an idea from there last year that I should put all the good things that happen to me in a jar and and then read them in the new year.  So I decided to pull out the good news five pieces at a time and write a brief little story about each of them. March, I think, was the most positive month of the year for me for a number of reasons. Many of which you will see, but not all. Hey, some things are private, ya know?


So here is the jar.\, below.


Starting from the top:


Korina finally gave me a Skype call. We caught up and it was wonderful. [March 31st]

This is fantastic. A former ladyfriend of mine with whom I had lost contact with for several years.  She was having a hard time of it in Hillsboro and just Oregon in general. I can’t imagine what would have happened if she went to the Hobo Planet [look for ‘Eugene’ and watch the episode again]. She is a skilled artist but was stuck working as a pizza delivery girl for years. She finally finished college with an Associate’s Degree in Art and Graphic Design and lives in California working at a department store.  It’s not glamorous, but she is on her feet again. Korina is a good woman and deserves it.


Traffic Ticket Moved Back at the Last Moment [March]

  Long story short, I was driving in Portland in February, late at night in an unfamiliar part of town and turned the wrong way down a one-way. I did the right thing by switching on my hazards and turning around, but I got tagged. I got my ticket moved to later in the year. 


Women at a Sci-fi speed dating event hear of of (expletive) behavior of one of their own [January]

    Ok, title is a bit long and worth a short story in and of itself, but that was a real red-letter day for me. I did attend a sci-fi speed dating event and one woman from high school not only hid my sheet (so no others could give me their phone numbers/email addresses) but actively told them nonsense liked ‘John Grillo killed a guy’ or that I was a ‘serial killer.’ Now that one is true. I started with Captain Crunch, then worked on Dig ‘Em the frog like a starving French man and of course, had a running riot with Snap, Crackle and Pop.

No seriously, I’m not. I’ve never murdered anyone. The bad Boy-Scout joke about cereal couldn’t be resisted. Anyway, the other women who attended the event ran into me all throughout Wizard World Convention walking up to me and giving me their phone numbers. It’s not every day a guy gets to have that kind of attention. It made that the best weekend ever. I’ll do a full write up later. But again, gorgeous women in cosplay saying they were dying to get to know you better? So awesome.


Gift Appreciation [May 15th]

   This one took place the year before. I got my friends simple Christmas gifts. Mainly, a pair of lotto tickets and a key-chain bottle opener. Everyone kept telling me at my friend Gustavo’s birthday party that they used it all the time. Which is good, so they don’t have to keep taking my keys. It’s good to hear that one’s gifts are appreciated for being so amazing and simple. ‘We use it all the time. I think of you every time I do.’ Hearing that made my day.


New Years party [Dec 31-Jan 1st]

    I went to a New Year’s Party for the first time in years and loved it. My buddy, ‘Ant’, invited me over. He lives on the far side of Portland. We played games and drank (only to excess, I swear). I remember it being bitter cold that night. Good news was that the drinks got chilled quite quick.  I did have to spend the night as the conditions for driving were terrible.

When I woke up, I drove over to Genie’s Cafe and then had a wonderful Eggs Benedict. Took away the hangover, then I drove home to Hillsboro.  10/10 day and brunch, would do again.  


Don’t forget. this is a very simple way to count your blessings.  And you can have a great year and not even know it. I have many more parts I can share with all of you.  It really changed my outlook on 2015. So go ahead and start yours as well.