Hillsboro and Pokemon Go!

Hillsboro and Pokemon Go!


   John Grillo


As you may have heard, a little smartphone game named Pokemon Go was released this week.  Now, I’ve never been a huge fan of Pokemon. When it came out, I was in Jr. High in Hillsboro [Evergreen Jr. High, woot!] and was planning a horseback cavalcade trip around the Tooth of Time Ridge in New Mexico. The Philmont Scout Ranch is one hell of a place. Every Boy Scout should go there. So yeah, I was and still am more interested in real wildlife than I am in imaginary ones. (I can hear Ron Swanson now: Why aren’t people more interested in real birds they can watch or shoot?)

Yes, it is an epic IP [intellectual property] spanning nearly 21+ years –so yes, Pokemon can grab a beer with you–the only reason I know anything about it is because all of my friends know and love it and I just picked it up through osmosis. But all my friends were doing it and dang it and they told me I had to do it too.  My starter was a Pikachu. No really. Apparently, if you run away from the original 3 starters


If you must have a map, use pokemapper.co; the aggregator not only collects locations, but color codes by type to make catching the mall easier. So please contribute.  I also suggest looking up Ingress, Niantec’s other game.  They reuse many of the same assets as you can tell. And hey, maybe you could find good tech talent while  you’re out there.


I found these great locations and sublocations.

Hillsboro Public Library 

– [Part of WCCLS]. There are several pokestops nearby.

  1. Library bus stop — it looks like a solid steal stack of books
  2. Hillsboro library front entrance
  3. Hillsboro library ‘water feature’.
  4. Brookwood underpass. Just go out the back door of the Hillsboro library and hang a left. Can’t miss it
  5. Gym is in the bridge on the right.  Support your public library, folks! It does amazing things


Cornelius Pass Roadhouse 

-has less than five locations. And hell, as long as you are here, you are welcome to go to Hillboro’s Ron Tonkin Stadium, where there more than likely a pokestop as well.

  1. The gym: The tall fire brazier.
  2. Sunpost art
  3. The Bronze Garden Fountain. Look for the outside restaurant area and you’ll find it in the far corner
  4. Imbrie sign — if you can’t find it, stand near the white shed. You should get it just fine.
  5. The Farmhouse
  6. CPR Distillery


And a special Mention to Hillsboro’s Ambacht Ales brewhouse. It’s not only a pokestop, but it has an ale called G++!  Seriously, look at their home page. It’s still laid out using tables!  Oh, and their beer is absolutely amazing. Still, I’d like to redo their site using Angular JS or something. Or react.js, backbone.js….the frameworks jut go on and on.

But since I am writing and thinking about it, I have to appreciate how cleverly the game is designed. It’s already added nearly 8 billion dollars to Nintendo’s bottom line. Nintendo had a problem competing with console markets, so they flip the script and force it’s user-base outside. Way clever. Not only that, but the pokestops seem to be in areas of great community or national interest…with the occasional screw-up. I mean, a poison gas pokemon at the Holocaust Museum? That is truly an eff’ up to a whole new level and a perfect card for Cards Against Humanity [don’t look that up at work! use your cell phone!]. Please respect the dead.  Otherwise, the game was intelligently designed to be around safe spaces for everyone. The local schoolhouse isn’t since no one wants tons of strangers walking up and around the area, but a church, a city park or landmark are great. As I’ve said before, I’m not a huge fan of the game–I’m just mentioning Pokemon GO, HIllsboro and the great John Grillo for SEO gains–but anything, I mean anything that gets people outside