im back

I’m Back.

 The return of the grill master.  Hot Grillo himself.

              You’re probably asking why it was I was away for so long. The answer is pretty simple. I’ve had one heck of an eventful year.

              Near the beginning of this year, I had a job at the RRI, or Regional Research Inst. of Portland, also known as the “Social Worker college.” I then lost that job because it was a temporary position.  Then I got a new one at a firm called Tiger Sheep.  I had been contacting them since last year since I, get this, responded to a craigslist ad.  I normally never go there for job ads precisely because it’s full of jobs like “Must be a proto-Steve Jobs willing to work for $10/hr” or “Be a full stack developer for $35k/year.”  I guess I just liked the way that particular post was written or something. Still, they said “Busy for the holidays, call back in the New Year.”  So I did.  Once every couple weeks or so, I just sent a brief little e-mail reminding them that I am here and I was ready to work.


    And for some reason, I got the job.  I was tipped off to their personalities and interests by all the anime t-shirts the development team and my potential boss were wearing. When he asked me what I want I honestly told him that “I am the embodiment of Greed and I want money, power, prestige, women and everything else this world has to offer!” ( In case no one can tell, this was the guy I was referencing. No really, you should watch it, Full Metal Alchemist is a great show. Subtitles only.)


    So what have I been doing at Tiger Sheep for six months now? Here is a slice of life. I work for a smaller team within the company at Business One Training. My first duty has been to learn SAP BusinessOne, a tier-1 ERP Management System. So I learn the program and try to make a couple videos a day so as to put it on the website. I work on version 9.1, in case anyone wonders. You can play around on the site for $1 for the first week, then it’s $100 a month, or so I recall. When not coming up with ideas for building custom front-ends for it, I’m learning the Database since I am, in practice, Database Administrator more than a Developer–although I still do Developer things.  I still learn new frameworks and stuff.  But most of my time is focused on the job. It’s a good enough program, but not user friendly so you need training…which is why I have a job, so it works for me.

    That’s not a full description of what I do, but it’s close enough. It’s a small firm so everyone pulls either double or triple duty by being something else.  The point is, im flexible and multi-talented.

    And I juggled all of this by still going to school to finish my newest degree, work on personal projects and work as a Windows System Administrator for the Computer Action Team.


So yeah, I’ve been busy these past six months.  


Some day, I even hope to get around to putting my projects and homework assignments up on github.  Since I have full access to school servers, I just don’t feel the need to relocate them again somewhere else.  Besides, since I graduate mid-December, I’ll wait to put them all up then as a way to shamelessly boost traffic. Er, I mean, show off my talent and what I’ve been working for and on for the past 18 months now.  The name of the exact degree will be an Associate of Applied Science in Computer Information Systems. I wanted the one for Network Administration, but my grant would only cover the “shortest path to ground” in terms of the quickest option to get me a degree and/or back to work quicker. I was able to talk them into still paying for me when I picked up the job. I’ve been doing many night courses.


I hope to see some of you at Rose City Comic Con this year. I’ll go dressed as Cmdr. Riker from Star Trek: The Next Generation.  

Oh, and I finally moved my website up one level and removed the URL redirect as of last week.  It’s been on my to-do list for a while, but with all of the above, well, it makes sense if it didn’t leap to the top of my to-do list.


Why this makes me the perfect employee or manager: I’m driven. I have goals and then nothing, nothing, gets in my way. I wanted to be a better software and web developer and ultimately transition to network administration or project management, so I wrote a grant, got the money, did my own projects as well as school work for nearly one-and-a-half years straight in an effort to reinvent myself.  I then talked to my committee to keep my grant money, looked up tax breaks for my employer because I’m just that clever and grateful for a place that is nice and cordial to work for.

How many other people do you know that are that dedicated and focused?