Interview Questions YOU should ask THEM!

I went to beaver bar camp the other day and held a session based on a dare to share my worst interview stories. I’ve shared many here, so I thought, why not? I’ve had many interviews and have a plethora of bad interview stories. So I decided to have a session called “Awful Interview Stories.” And as promised, here is a post about the questions I think everyone should ask these questions of their future employer. So here we are, as promised.

Thank you for those of you in Beaver Bar Camp 2016 who came to my session and a special thank-you to those who shared! Feel free to fold, spindle and mutilate all the questions you like. Feel free to tweet to me or post on google+ and share ones you think I should ask.




  1. What is the position I’m interviewing with you for today? [I’ve been brought in for one job and then interviewed for something different…like electrician. I’ve never been an electrician and it appears no where on my resume. Nowadays I ask for an email confirmation with the job post/description as part of the receipt. Yes, I’ve printed the email before and show]



  1. Tell me about yourself—what’s your story? [They talk about others all day—ask about them



  1. Tell me about the position. What’s a ‘day in the life’ like? [go into as boring a detail as possible]



  1. What would your employees say is the best thing about working here? [Good employers with good environments can instantly respond with favorable responses, and be enthusiastic and credible with their replies.]



  1. Why is the job open?



  1. What happened to the last person in this position?




  1. Will I be working directly under you? If not, then who?



  1. How is success recognized in your organization?
    [Could also ask “What metrics will be used to evaluate my job”]?



  1. How is success rewarded?



  1. What is your turnover rate?



  1. What is it about my resume that stood out to you?



  1. Any chance for growth?



  1. Would you do this job for the same amount?



  1. If I were to start tomorrow, what would the top priority on my to-do list be?



  1. What is one thing I could accomplish in 6 months that would prove to you that I was the perfect choice for this job?



  1. What would you say are the top 2 personality traits someone needs to do the job well?



  1. What changes or improvements do you hope the candidate will bring in?



  1. [COMPANY] prides itself on _________ + __________. What are they and why?



  1. Do you like working here? [Or ask each person what they like about working there, and if there is anything that is less than ideal about working there. It really is interview gold.]



  1. Is there anything that stands out to you that makes you think I wouldn’t be right fit?



  1. How would you like me to circle back to you?



Again, feel free to fold, spindle and mutilate these interview questions to your hearts content. Got any interesting ones that I missed ror should ask? Feel free to use the contact form and let me know, or post to me on facebook, google+, twitter and linkedin!

–John Grillo out.