John Grillo LinkedIn Outreach

John Grillo LinkedIn Outreach

John Grillo is a very interesting name. Apparently, according to a few babyname sites, ‘John’ is a hebrew name or something that is supposed to mean “God is Gracious, God is happy” or something. The capital ‘G’ is for the God of Abrahamic faiths, in case one can’t tell.

But Grillo is suppossed to mean ‘Grasshopper’ or more appropriately, ‘Cricket.’ When my older brother Paul was alive, he joked that he should be named ‘Pepe Grillo’ or ‘Jiminy Cricket‘.


This page says Grillo should mean mole cricket or fetters/shackles. I speak no romance languages so maybe this is a strange pun or homonym someone could explain to me. And apparently this is a grillo mole cricket [and here is the wiki]. Apparently, we are held in good fortune to anyone that sees it. Think of that when scheduling me for an interview, huh, huh?

So I went on LinkedIn and thought I went ahead and contacted as many of my fellow John Grillo’s as I could possibly find and reached out to from my home in Hillsboro via LinkedIn in-mails.  You know, for career help and interviews and stuff.  here is the standard letter I wrote. Oh, I did this because I’m paying for the premium version of LinkedIn and those 3 in-mails a month one gets transfer over as well.


Dear John Grillo, The holidays are upon us and during this time, most people look towards their neighbors to make sure they have what they need.

But how often have people asked what John Grillo needs? John Grillo happens to be looking a new job right in time for the holiday season. No one, especially John Grillo, should be in a job they don’t like. Life is too short for that. He has managed teams of up to 45 people and his very first job was working facilities for the Hillsboro school district. John Grillo has a love of film and has always wanted to work in the industry. John Grillo has been writing stories and winning writing contests since he was 6 years old. Doesn’t John Grillo deserve a break, especially for the holiday season? Thank you for reading. Happy Holidays!

Remember, few people look out for a John Grillo the way a John Grillo does.


John Grillo

PS: John Grillo has experience in the IT field and is a skilled web developer and DBA. He knows JavaScript and also knows C++, C, SQL and more. I’m currently teaching myself Python.

But seriously, there are some pretty interesting John Grillo’s out there.