John Grillo News Update

John A. Grillo in the News

So for no real reason, I decided to make a Google alert about myself. Why? Not because I like reading news articles about myself. Well, not just because I enjoy reading about myself in the news. I also like think of them as other versions of me from another universe. This week, I found someone who


Apparently, a John A. Grillo is an architect.  Now that is strange. That’s a job you only hear about in romantic comedies. But really, apparently this John Grillo is going to help with renovations for an elementary school.  I took a look at this John Grillo’s architect page and it’s actually quite nice. It seems to


And meanwhile, in Eugene, OR:

Eugene Citizen committee Not Queasy about Kesey.

They want to rename some plaza to Kesey Square. One really did fly over the cuckoo’s nest. I’d be more impressed if Eugene, OR, could keep street signs up (I jest. Of course they can’t).


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