Yet another article from my attempt at automating syndication seems to have gone awry. I originally wrote this to coincide a week after the athlete and Wrestler Chyna. I’m woefully behind on articles to write, so I’m just going to throw up this thing on Life Stats and hope you enjoy it.

–John Grillo out.


Chyna the wrestler died the other day. I always thought she looked like Wonder Wonder woman in leather. I was never a fan of the WWF growing up. The only time I seriously looked into it was when I taught English in China and thought to myself “WWE? Don’t they mean WWF”?


But it’s trending on social media now [EDIT: IT WAS…oops]  and I have to say, it really goes to show you how people can have the most interesting effect on other people and how those people effect others. I never realized Chyna had such an impact on women in sports.


Still, a thought occurs: If you could see end-life stats like a video game somehow, what statistics would you like to see? I remember seeing an important game stats for the end of The Walking Dead video game and it focused on how you touched other people. Look it up on youtube sometime.

Anyway, here is a list of statistics I’d like to see. Feel free to share on Facebook and add your own!


  1. Number of people who were better off because I was in their life.

    1. Top 3 common reasons.

  2. Times I appeared in someone elses dream.

    1. Most common theme in dream–both theirs and mine!

  3. Times a potential mate walked by, or total number women/men who were interested in me romantically.

    1. Vs. the number that didn’t act on it.

  4. Amount of money lost vs money found.

  5. Tragedy’s I’ve stopped or avoided.

  6. Lines of code written.

  7. Total cubic liters of gas passed.

  8. Respawn timer—suddenly the oboli for Charon the ferryman takes on a whole new meaning!

  9. Girls who would have agreed to go out with me if i had asked them.

  10. Number of people I’ve helped vs. hurt.

  11. Meters/kilometers of hair grown.

  12. Top ten closest calls with death. This would be like: Jan. 7th, 2016: if you left the house 10 minutes earlier you would have died in a car crash.

  13. How many different cats I’ve petted in my lifetime.

  14. Time spent arguing why Superman is cooler than Batman.

  15. Total miles traveled in life and equivalent distance.

  16. Pie chart for time spent, happy, sad, etc.

  17. Number of unique memories stored in the brain at time of death.

  18. Number of words spoken.

  19. How many smiles I was the case of.

    1. Sub-stat: Laughed at vs. Laughed with.  I really want to know if my my parents were right.

  20. Category of stat that I am the highest in.

  21. Envy/Jealousy counter: Mainly, what about me that people were envious of —like a top 12 list. Why 12? I like to go above and beyond.

  22. Lives saved by my actions and/or existence. I’d like to think it was a few dozen people and not just through a butterfly effect either.

  23. Best joke told.

    1. Belly Laugh counter.

    2. For those who speak other languages: How well did you favorite joke translate? Did you get more or less laughs.

  24. Years spent sleeping.

  25. Most interesting dream.

  26. Times I actually got parallel parking right the first try but redid it due to self-doubt.

  27. How many attended my funeral and visited my grave over a lifetime.

  28. How many people remember me.

  29. Decision that influenced my life the most.

  30. Wealth rank worldwide.

  31. % of brain capacity full.

  32. Top 3 animals you’re most likely to be reincarnated as.

  33. Starting stats vs. ending stats for things like STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS, CHA.



Let’s be honest, I’d be desperately searching for the “New Game+” feature. I’m referencing this game (Chrono Trigger).

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