Links of Professional Projects:

These are the websites I’ve made for clients over the years and I hope you give them a visit as well. Some class projects I did include a fake yarnstore and a landscaping businesses by PCC And my first attempt at a personal website before I realized that in the time and effort involved, a CMS like wordpress or squarespace was exactly what I needed in a much quicker manner. Sadly, when I moved it to PSU hosting, it broke some of the directories and some of the pictures, which I have included in the gallary. My favorite has to be of that man “fishing for dollars”. Definitely worth the donation money.

Github — Where you can see what John Grillo has been learning and working on.

Team Tree House Profile — See more of what John Grillo has been learning!

Yarnstore — imaginary PCC wordpress yarnstore

Landscape  — imaginary PCC wordpress landscape company

Web.CECS JAG –>archived personal website.


CLIENT WEBSITE LINKS: — business website of Krista Le Roux, an employment law lawyer specializing in helping small businesses and in creating employee-owned businesses.

   Debra Healy:  Conflict Resolution Expert in Oregon.




GOOGLE+ For John Andrew Grillo

LinkedIn — it really is John Grillo; ignore the ‘2’.



InstaGram – it says grillo.john, but it really is John Andrew Grillo


John Grillo’s Weeblog

John Grillo’s Tumblr