My media portfolio. My college degrees are in International Studies [Relations] and Business Administration with y second degree being in Media Arts and Japanese.  So I better show off the media!


Film & Video

So, here is what I have done in Media arts. I have a youtube channel, but I like to keep videos hosted locally.  I use Adobe Preimere and After Effects Mainly, but in this case, most of my videos were made with Final-cut Pro.



As per my photography skills, I use a Cannon Powershot G12 and I love it!  The G12 is the favored camera of journalists adn I love it. I did get a Nikon Coolpics 2300[?] as my first camera for most of my photos, bu the most recent and best ones were taken with the G12.  I’m probably going to add a DeviantArt account as well eventually, but I’ll post my best pictures here. I’m afraid I don’t often get a chance to use models, so I focus on landscapes and still life.  So, models, especially ladies, you know what to do if you want your photo taken.  And yes, this does include all the Photoshop work I do.  I’ll let you guess which ones were manipulated or not.


Books & Writings

And of course, my writings. These are the books and the short stories I do.  I’ve been writing since I was 6 years old when my first poem won me $100. It was for frozen foods. I got second place. and it took two 6th graders working together to beat me.  I’m even including some of the articles I wrote for various student newspapers I worked on, but I guess that this is redundant as that’s what the weblog is for.

Finally, there are the books I’m writing.  They’re gonna be updated slowly unless someone wants to give me the same deal that Harper Lee got for To Kill A Mockingbird. That’s 60 grand, in case someone out there wanted to be cool and hook a guy up.