These are the least of my collection as quite frankly, most people I know do not like to have their picture taken.  If you’d like to help me with that, I’d love to have you as a model–feel free to write to me.  Some of my work is all natural and others heavily enhanced. Tell me what you think is which.   Here is a preview of the coming page


My most prolific volume of photographs, I love taking pictures of exotic locations.  I’ve often been told they’re good enough to be in National Geographic. The reason I haven’t submitted them is because they usually have you give away your copyrights to the photos, which I’m not keen on doing.  A preview of some of my finest works in this category.



Still Life

This will include pets and some animals as well, just for the heck of it.

And Fishing For Dollars.


A man in the Portland Saturday Market is fishing for beer. I mean, dollars. Obtaining permission from him via a donation enabled me to get this great photo