New Updates from Hillsboro

New Updates from Hillsboro

What a year.

I sit in my Hillsboro home. I am proud to announce that after a year of going to work full time and doing night school, I finally have a new degree in Computer Information Systems. The good part is that if I still want a post-bac in Computer Science, like what I originally set out to do, I now am about half-way through the PSU college level computer science program. So essentially I made it a cross between web applications development and database development and administration.  Sadly, not enough people learn about the finer points of SQL the way I do.


Best of all, I am debt free. I paid for it all with grants that I wrote. I’ll be happy to upload them. You’ll even snicker at the joke I put in there. So no debt from my previous degrees from Pacific University.

But man, let me tell you. Even though Hillsboro was way better designed with drainage in mind than Portland–thank god I didn’t have to tolerate the flooding–it was still pretty harsh. I took a break to go to the Hillsboro main library and I see even the ducks in the lake having a hard time with the rain.  Nothing but ripples in the pond of Hillsboro’s main library is still….ripples everywhere. again, even the ducks are looking for shelter.


And now, on to those new updates. A few people have remarked that I don’t have anything up on github. “Hard to believe that you’re from Hillsboro, one of the state’s biggest economic engines, what with Intel in the center of town and all that.” (It’s actually Washington county in general, since the county area has both Nike in Beaverton and Intel in Hillsboro).  One must understand that my code comes in two flavors: School projects and company code.  I work as a developer full-time so I’m not very interested in doing it when I get home when I could be at the gym.  That being said, that new degree was fully tax-payer funded and would help solidify me in my field and not only make projects while earning credit.  So, they are up there now. Click the button on the top of the page.


 That’s the cat-squid symbol on the top row, or the link on this line.

Oh yes, has new social buttons!  No, I am not a tumblr user.  I just put my membership/profile there to show off how many points I have; hey, they both start with ‘T’, don’t they? I do have my LinkedIn. I also decided to throw up my Google+ page as well as my youtube channel. I’ll have to start migrating my videos there. I have several videos on youtube under different aliases…remember the urge to make everything connected to your public profile? Yeah, I hated that. I prefer my anonymity, but I do love optimizing my web page for search results.


I’ll start updating more regularly now that i have breathing room. I will start posting again about my fun new projects that I plan on doing as well.  For example, I recently got my CPR and AED recertified


But in the meantime, from my home in Hillsboro, I just want to say to you readers at home to have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Crazy fun Kwanzaa and if you celebrate none of those holidays, have a great Festivus from the rest of us.