Scholarship Essay for Rocket55

Essay Prompt: Where do you see search engine optimization in five years? How will search engines change?

Written 12/21/2014


John Grillo


Having just taken and completed a class in the nature of Search Engine Optimization, I can confidently say that I can go toe-to-toe with anyone at the firm Janrain with my intricate knowledge of search engines and in particularly, google. And I’m quoting my professor, Juan Maldonado, who just left that firm, which is a major Portland start up and sits squarely in the Silicon Forest.

Since Google dominates the search engine landscape, I will focus the majority of my essay upon it.

I think that in five years, if not sooner, the keywords meta tag will become a deciding factor again, if for no other reason than to stack claims against what the site’s content is truly about. Descriptions will be broken down into long tail and broad head, the site’s traffic will be plainly visible to the public and eventually, Google will be fed up with the RIAA and MPAA’s shenanigans and directly forward links to torrents if not host the files themselves in what will inevitably become a massive copyright showdown.

Documentation formally proclaiming that Google+ given preferential treatment will be released to the public.

Finally, in regards to search engines will fundamentally change, I believe that either one of two capabilities will appear: The ability of web crawlers to actually be able to understand photographs, or video understanding and parsing greater than that of bing’s video tool. Because otherwise, who honestly uses bing?

Search engines will fundamentally change when Google glass becomes a more common places product; there will be a new tab for viewing experiences and another for ‘soul windows,’ an engine feature that nearly quite literally puts the searcher into the eyes of their target so they can see as they do and hear as they hear. Assuming of course, the person on the other end has Google glass.

But the most likely feature to be integrated for Google will be Google Cats—a website dedicated entirely to pictures of favorite felines.

While some of my predictions may seem snarky, silly and possibly crude or just ‘out there’, I wish to remind the committee that at one point, so too, did the idea of being able to search images or even aggregate shopping mechanisms, let alone the idea that computers could quite literally one day fit in my pants and weigh as much as my wallet.

In closing, I deserve this grant money for my firm understanding of the market and it’s driving trends. If nothing else, I’d love to hear what you thought of my essay.



John Grillo


Readers, if you wanted to help tell Rocket55 to give me the money, that would be great.