Website Design commissions are now live!

Web Design Commissions are open!

Yep, It’s true. I build websites.  Take a look around, it’s ok, I’ll wait….ok, do you like what you see?  Then you should commission one.

Then you should hire me to build one for you!  I work with clients of all shapes and sizes with all different kinds of needs and especially small businesses. I’m a wiz with HTML5 and CSS, not to mention highly skilled in the tools of Adobe [Dreamweaver, Edge Animate, Photoshop, etc.] and Content Management Systems [CMS] such as WordPress and Squarespace.  Look at my media page or even these links to get a better feel for who I am and what I can do.


So, what is the pay rate?

Short answer:


  I bid each job separately and present your customer with a proposal. If approached with a job to do some minor changes, updates, etc. I tend to give a bid of hours ‘x’ rate.  And I enjoy working with small businesses.  Because I am earning an associates degree in Web Design and Development, I typically make a website for every class.  So if one is willing to be patient and agree to the given course’s end goal/project specifications, you’ll have a darn good site and support network for a steal.  

    Please see my contact page.

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